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Temporary pain relief or not at all by Reiki

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Adenomyosis: The menstrual cramps caused by adenomyosis disappeared temporarily after personal or distance reiki sessions. The pain is relieved for one or several hours, later the pain comes back. This is a clear example of partial pain relief because after several months of Reiki sessions the strong cramps keep on appearing every month. However, the pain decreased significantly to the extent that the client didn't feel the need to exceed the recommended dose of ibuprofen and decreased the doses that used to consume. Additionally, although there has been some improvement in her stressful home, her environment remains unstable. Falling one month of extreme confrontation at home, resulting in unbearable pain during the first day of her menstrual period followed by an overdose of ibuprofen.

Headaches: In the case of headaches, with one person that had flu or felt heavy limbs / tired, one short session treating only the head did not relieve the headache. Here a complete Reiki session will benefit more the client.

Please note that there is no scientific proof that Reiki treatments can result in physical and/or emotional improvements. It is also not clear the number of sessions necessary to achieve a positive result. For more details please read the blog "Reiki-me disclaimer".

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