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Live Limitless disclaimer

Updated: May 4, 2022

Live Limitless wishes to share more specific details on how Reiki works. Although there is no clear explanation yet, Reiki results in a clear positive change in our well-being (physically and mentally).

In demystifying Reiki blogs, Live Limitless shares specific responses to physical and mental struggles with Reiki. Was the recovery a coincidence? or was it because of Reiki? That could only be answered by having a controlled study with 2 groups of participants with the same struggle, one group receiving Reiki and the other one without receiving Reiki. In addition, as we know, every person is different. Therefore, the necessary number of Reiki sessions per person to achieve a particular result varies.

How many Reiki sessions do you need to recover from a physical symptom? (See other blogs for specific physical pains). In some cases, you see recovery after 1 session, whilst others need several sessions. It is also possible to achieve temporary relief. The temporary effects can be influenced by our situation or environment. For example, a necessary cancer treatment, stress at home or work, or the habit to worry about everything, all can lead to physical symptoms. Moreover, it is also possible that the symptom persists.

How many Reiki sessions do you need to recover from a mental struggle? In this case, Live Limitless recommends at least 3 sessions. Here it is not as clear as physical symptoms, whether you have them or not. However, Reiki seems to help in the awareness that each person has of their own situation, like depression, fears, etc. Many are not even aware of it. Interestingly, when they do become aware of them, it has happened that their neck pain disappears, or they stop crying every day, etc. For those who know their struggle, they find more insights or motivation on how to move forward.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to read the blogs and reviews where you can find stories on how reiki positively touched and changed lives at a physical and/or mental level. Additionally, you can also find stories when they didn't achieve the primary goal (physically) but it did relieve them at a mental/emotional level.

Enjoy your journey!

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