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Response of mind struggles to Reiki

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Do you feel Stress? lonely? fatigued? Do you suffer from insomnia? do you often feel like crying? Please see below 4 specific cases (1 to 4 to keep their privacy), where people felt anxious, stressed, and sometimes they even felt driven by their emotions. By sending them 2 Distant Reiki Sessions per week, immediately after 6, 8, and 10 sessions (plus an introduction to integral practice) see how they clearly improved in their perception of stress and loneliness, fatigue, frequency of crying, quality of sleep. The distant Reiki sessions were made from Amsterdam to clients in Mexico, USA, Ecuador, and Spain.

After Reiki and the introduction to integral practice, clients could reach good night's sleep during the whole week or 5 or 6 days per week. Here, it is good to mention that clients 2 and 4 consumed medicines to be able to sleep. Client number 4, after a brain tumor treatment, a part of the brain important to be able to sleep was damaged, and since then (6 years) is dependent on medicines to be able to sleep, constantly changing them. In this case, the client could sleep very well after 6 and 8 sessions but immediately after 10 sessions struggled again without being able to sleep through the whole week. More information will be added after 1 month, to see if Reiki gives a lasting effect on the quality of sleep.

Additionally, the client's attitude became very positive towards their own health and future. See below.

Please see below examples shared by clients on how Reiki helped them mindfully and emotionally. Either during the Reiki session, immediately after, or within a week, clients gained insides into their lives. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious.

Reach a deep meditation practice

Starting to take care of themselves and taking action with the things that they can do

  1. By starting again to make sports or eating healthy.

  2. Starting to make changes in their habits at home to be well, to be productive, and to be kind to others.

  3. Communicating what is important to them.

  4. Searching for professional help if they could not solve their conflicts or relationships.

  5. Letting go of things that they couldn't control.

Better focus

  1. Sometimes plans, emotions, or worries can make anyone feel confused or stress. Reiki engages you better with your prefrontal cortex (to understand, to make better decisions, reasoned, to focus) rather than acting driven by your amygdala (in your fight and flight mode, by instinct or emotions). It helped them to focus better on their goals without being distracted by emotions or worries.

A better understanding of their own feelings

  1. Anxiety or fears: Several clients have been going on with their lives without making time to heal something that really touched them in a way that made them suffer. Sometimes they do not even know it. During the session or after, they will cry very much. By making time to hear, to accept, to feel (it is OK to be vulnerable), after crying they felt relieved.

  2. Fear of losing a loved one. After one session, one person remembered that her biggest fear since she was a child was to lose her mother. These gave her an understanding of her feelings and also less stress. In addition, her neck pain disappeared.

  3. Another case, not allowing herself to give or to receive love. In another situation, one day later after the Reiki session, it was clear that the quality of her friendships was not as meaningful as they used to be. She realized that her heart didn't allow herself to receive or to give love.

Help to recover from depression

  1. Very often people are not aware of their depression. Reiki helped them to realize that they need time for themselves to recover. It helped them to start crying (to allow their emotions to manifest) or for the ones that were constantly crying, then to stop crying, reflect, learn, and move on.

Please note that there is no scientific proof that Reiki treatments can result in physical, emotional, and/or mindfulness improvements. It is also not clear the number of sessions necessary to achieve a positive result. For more details please read the blog "Reiki-me disclaimer".

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