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The response of Physical and Mental post-COVID-19 symptoms to Reiki

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Case 1

Profession: medical doctor

Disease: post-COVID-19 persistent symptoms.

Persistent symptoms: Physical and mental symptoms were collected in a questionnaire and their intensities were scored using their corresponding scales.

The physical symptoms were: Fatigue; Dyspnea (shortness of breath, labored breathing, rapid and shallow breathing); Headache; and feeling of palpitations (feeling of the heart in the throat).

To assess mental symptoms, general questions were made to evaluate the client's perception of her own quality of life. The client has the feeling to be extremely stressed & lonely. And her perception of her health is that she is unhealthy and she feels very negative about the future.

Duration of complaints: for 4.5 months after COVID-19. (5 months since acute COVID-19 infection).

Current treatments: diazepam (Valium) to be able to sleep.

Reiki session: 6 distance reiki sessions of 60-90 min. 3 sessions per week.

Results after 6 Reiki sessions

Results to physical symptoms: The physical symptoms remained after the 6 distant reiki sessions, but they significantly decreased in the intensity of pain or discomfort for headache, dyspnea, and her feeling of palpitations. In addition, before Reiki, the client suffered from fatigue and she found it very difficult to keep up with her daily activities at home. After Reiki sessions, she feels physically more active and she has the energy to do her home activities and also to attend to other appointments, etc.

The pain was measured by using the Visual Analogue Scale (VSA): 0= no pain and 10= pain as bad as it could be. And to measure the chronic fatigue syndrome 0= was used for no symptoms; 1=trivial; 2= mild; 3 moderate and 4= severe.

Results to mental symptoms: After 6 distant Reiki sessions, several client's perceptions changed positively. Positive thoughts towards the future increased significantly. She also feels more healthy, besides during the last weeks she also received test results from medical doctors with confirmation that she is in fact healthy. Moreover, the client used to feel extremely stressed and lonely and after 2 weeks of Reiki, both feelings decreased significantly. Also changing her frequency of crying from always to sometimes.

The scale applied in the first figure is measuring the positive attitude towards health and the future, therefore 0= is the worst imaginable health and 10= extremely healthy, and for stress and loneliness was 0= for not feeling stressed nor lonely and 10= for extremely stressed and lonely.

S.E. 10th of Aug, 2020. Sex: F; Age: 44

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