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Live Limitless is like the ultimate life adventure, where we mix and match incredible cross-cultural wisdom to boost our well-being. Picture this: You're diving headfirst into a treasure trove of integral insights and tricks that'll make you feel like you've got the keys to unlock your mind, body, and spirit's full potential.

But wait, there's more fun to be had! Live Limitless doesn't stop there. It's got all these super cool tools that serve your INDIVIDUAL (Mind, Body & Spirit) and SOCIAL (Relationships & Lifestyle) needs. Yep, they're both equally important, so you won't be left feeling like you're missing out on something big.

Oh, and the best part? We're talking about an integral party where we throw in the best bits from Western and Eastern practices. It's like having a fusion dance of epic proportions, making you feel complete and whole. So, with your newfound growth opportunities, prepare to dance your way through life effortlessly!


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vision & mission

Live Limitless dreams big: we're here to boost your endless growth! When you're in sync with yourself, your surroundings join the party too. It's all about taking the reins of what you can control, and how? Easy peasy – by diving into the wild world of satisfying your fundamental human needs, both the 'you' (mind, body, and spirit) and the 'we' (relationships and lifestyles). Let's make this growth journey a blast. 

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Cindy Swett PhD, MSc

Lutgerslaan 24, 3632 JA,

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