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Live Limitless follows integral life principles. It integrates cross-cultural knowledge to optimize our well-being. These integral knowledge & practices will allow you to recognize and remove the boundaries in your mind, body, and spirit to reach your fullest potential. 

To achieve that, Live Limitless shares practical tools to fulfill our INDIVIDUAL (Mind, Body, & Spirit) and SOCIAL (relations and lifestyle) human needs. They are all important! Ignore one and you will have the feeling or certainty that something is missing in your life.

Integral is integrative, inclusive (we are all right, partially), therefore it combines the best of western and eastern practices to make us complete/whole. 


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vision & mission

The vision of Live Limitless is to support your continuous growth.  If you feel well, your environment will follow. Start with yourself and the things that you can control. How exactly? Learning and fulfilling your very basic individual (mind, body, and spirit) and social (relationships and lifestyles) human needs. 

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Cindy Swett PhD, MSc, RP

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