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Response of backache to Reiki

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Here, I share specific cases of backaches that were resolved after Reiki sessions.

Case 1

Disease: lumbar intervertebral disk displacement. Chronic backache.

Duration of complaints: for more than 15 years.

Symptoms/complaints: The client felt a chronic pain at the lower back. In the past, when she suffered a stronger backache, she could not sit down or drive.

Previous treatments: anti-inflammatory drugs, Voltaren, tensodox. Later the client became allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs; therefore when she experienced extreme pain she used: tensodox and Flogomax. Additionally, 1 injection with cortisol at the end of 2017, 2 in 2018, and 1in the beginning of 2019.

Reiki session: 1 reiki session of 90 min, comprising front (head to feet) and back (upper back to feet). The lower back, at the lumbosacral region, was treated for a longer period.

Results: The client experienced pain ease at her back of 80%, immediately after the reiki session. After a couple of months, the pain disappeared completely. 10 months later, the client still does not suffer from back pain.

V.L. 5th of May, 2019. Sex: F; Age: 42

Case 2

Disease: chronic pain on the lower back, hip, and right leg.

Duration of complaints: for 3 days.

Symptoms/complaints: The client lifted a box in a wrong position, and she felt a warm liquid been released inside at her lower back. On the first day, she felt her buttocks becoming numb and then discomfort at her waist. She couldn't find a position to feel relieved. On the second day, the pain extended to her hips, right leg, and right calf, she could not step on her right foot. So she started to limp. At day 3, she had a consistent pain from waist to leg all the time. Even sleeping she felt pain and could not find a position to find relief.

Previous treatments: ibuprofen 800mg (helped her to "sleep", although even while sleeping she had pain), warm compresses, analgesics, acetaminophen, stretching exercises, nothing relieved the pain.

Reiki session: 3 distant reiki sessions.

Results: The client experienced no pain anymore after the first session, so she continued with her normal activities. She only felt a tired leg while walking. However, at night, the pain started again. After the second session, she had no pain but this time she rested and started to move slowly. On the third day, she stood up from her bed without pain and continued with her daily activities. Since then she doesn't experience pain at the lower back, hips, and right leg.

E.T. 17th of April, 2020. Sex: F; Age: 69

Case 3

Disease: pain on the back at the lumbar area, expected to come from carrying very often her Cello and after the delivery of her baby. After 3 months of not playing the instrument, due to Corona, the pain remained present.

Duration of complaints: for approximately 1,5 years.

Symptoms/complaints: Client scored the pain as 2-3 (scale 0= no pain) to 10= unbearable pain). The pain appeared every week for 2 to 3 days.

Previous treatments: never visited a medical doctor nor consumed medicines to alleviate the pain.

Reiki session: One personal reiki session.

Results: After the session, the intensity of the pain already diminished. The following month diminished day by day, first, the client had even less pain for 1-2 days/week, then for 1 day a week and after a month disappeared completely. She is more aware of taking care of her back and is careful with carrying her baby. So, if pain arises, it is not weekly anymore, only sporadically and mainly when she has been in a bad position for a long time. M.M. 1st of July, 2020. Sex: F; Age: 38

Case 4

Disease: pain in the back at the lumbar area, started since he had kidney stones.

Duration of complaints: for approximately 5 years.

Symptoms/complaints: The back pain was constantly present at an intensity of 3 (scale 0= no pain to 10= unbearable pain) and once a month for 1-2 days at a pain intensity of 7.

Previous treatments: when the pain was very intense, the client consumed painkillers or apple vinegar and chanca piedra to alleviate the pain. After 2 Reiki sessions, the medical doctor prescribed medicine to reduce the amylases for 5 days.

Reiki session: 10 distant Reiki sessions.

Results: During every session, the client could feel how the pain disappeared and appeared. After every session, the intensity of the pain diminished from either 6 to 3 or 9 to 3. After 10 sessions (1 month) the pain was reduced until 1. He takes more care of his back and is careful with not straining the back during exercising. D.G. 4th Dec, 2020. Sex: M; Age: 40

Please note that there is no scientific proof that Reiki treatments can result in physical and/or emotional improvements. It is also not clear the number of sessions necessary to achieve a positive result. For more details please read the blog "Reiki-me disclaimer".

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